'Duke students are still showing up': Despite obstacles, students engage with Durham community

As the pandemic rages on, Duke students are scattered across the country. Amid the uncertainty, however, some students remain committed to volunteering with Durham-based organizations. When students were required to leave campus during the spring semester, sophomore Emily Gitlin was worried about maintaining her academic schedule while figuring out how to transition her volunteer work at the Durham’s Community Health Coalition into effective remote engagement, she said. Gitlin volunteers with

Cunningham’s texts, Tillis’ diagnosis: How they affect the Senate race

A sex scandal and a positive coronavirus test have shaken the high-stakes U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Thom Tillis and Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Flickr For a race that could determine which party gains congressional control, the North Carolina U.S. Senate race looked stable for months. Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham held a comfortable lead over the incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC). But on Oct. 2, a sex scandal and a positive

Assistant VP for intercultural programs discusses diversity, inclusivity at DSG Senate meeting

Duke Student Government heard a presentation from the assistant vice president for intercultural programs Wednesday night and discussed how senators and students can work toward inclusivity at all levels of the University. DSG senators had the opportunity to hear Li-Chen Chin report Duke's efforts to promote a more inclusive space during the pandemic. Chin spoke of the current situation's difficulties and uncertainties. She also praised Duke students' resilience and how Duke has made “great str

Students in different time zones face challenges, express gratitude for professors

As if online classes weren’t strange enough, many Duke students are studying in different time zones this semester. Some remote students said that although professors have been generous and accommodating, Zoom interactions with classmates have been disappointing. When she realized that she couldn’t come back to the United States to take classes, sophomore Jen Wang was worried about taking online courses in China, which is 12 hours ahead of North Carolina. She recalled the challenge of choosing

Biden’s early plans include combating COVID-19, undoing Trump policies

President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office in January, and he has pledged to promote progressive policies while walking back many of President Donald Trump's domestic and foreign policy actions. Biden’s platform centers on issues like tax reform, investment in the environment and the expansion of the Affordable Care Act. However, he has said that his primary objective in the first 100 days of his presidency will be combating the spread and effects of COVID-19. As Biden finalizes plans for

DSG committees present ongoing projects at Senate meeting

The Duke Student Government Senate heard from the DSG Research Unit and different committees about the current projects at its Wednesday meeting. The Senate received input from senior Katie Orlin about DSG projects’ objectives and researching methods. These projects include Food Insecurity, which focuses on the impacts of financial aid and COVID-19 on food insecurity among the Duke students, Residential Life & Housing, which addresses first-years who live on West Campus concerns about connectin

Interfaith Caucus, club updates, Among Us: DSG Senate holds a short first meeting of 2021

The Duke Student Government Senate assembled for a short meeting Wednesday to discuss the new semester's logistics, hear about a new caucus for members of religious life groups and play the online game Among Us. At the meeting, the Senate heard from members about upcoming projects and voted on internal caucus nominees. Senators heard from sophomore senator Hana Hendi about the Interfaith Caucus, which, according to a petition, "gather[s] representatives from Religious Life groups across Duke's

A day of surprise and heartbreak: Weeks later, students look back on Capitol insurrection

On what was supposed to be a regular Wednesday, sophomore Dan King was watching the certification of Arizona’s electoral vote in the Senate when he noticed the senators being evacuated from the chamber. Hoping to see the end of a tumultuous election cycle, King did not expect to watch rioters in support of then-President Donald Trump push through the police forces to enter the Senate chamber. “I was very nervous to watch how the event unfolded. It was only the matter of time when these protest

No ‘on-off switch solution’: Gary Bennett discusses pandemic response, high COVID-19 cases with DSG

Duke administrators discussed the future of Duke's pandemic response at Wednesdays's Duke Student Government Senate meeting. Senators heard a presentation from Gary Bennett, vice provost for undergraduate education, and Landy Elliot, assistant vice provost for undergraduate strategic initiatives and communications, to discuss how the Duke administration is dealing with an increase in COVID-19 cases around campus. Bennett praised Duke students for being flexible and resilient in the unprecedent

‘A future of inclusivity’: Blue Devils United pushes for gender-neutral bathrooms in every dorm hall

There are now gender-neutral bathrooms in Perkins Library, the Bryan Center and most residence halls. Blue Devils United, a student LGBTQ+ support and advocacy organization on campus, is pushing administration to add more gender-neutral bathrooms to campus dorms. Although some dorms have gender-neutral bathrooms, they are often voted on by the residents of the hall, putting the needs of LGBTQ+ students in the hands of their peers. BDU President Grace O’Connor, a junior, noted that the organiz